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What's In The Book?

Mind boggling, repeating patterns in historical events namely the World Wars, the striking repetitive pattern between Spanish Flu and Covid 19, tragic events in the life of Bill Gates, Martin Luther King and Obama’s Presidency, milestone events in New York and skirmishes between India and China have been revealed in this book.


This book is divided into two parts:

Part One, Life by Default – is a guide that will unfold the pattern of one’s life. Being able to foresee the future through deducing patterns in our life will aid us in identifying our default patterns.

Part Two, Life by Design – is the guide to change the default pattern. It is designed to open a new doorway for us. Methods to alter our pattern methodically.


Being aware of our pattern gives us the advantage of being able to prepare for the journey ahead. We need to be mindful that not every event in the future may be a pleasant one. If our pattern reveals a distasteful foreseeable future event, we will have the tool to prepare ourselves to face and overcome such an episode. To put it simply, with this tool, we will know the difference between knowing the path and walking the path joyfully.

Reviews from the Community

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``Through an analysis of the past events, Rajj's book shows you an easy way to guess events that may unfold in the future. It is as simple as connecting the dots!``

Chris Davies

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``Life Script Decoded suggests ways to not repeat the wrongs one has done previously, as life repeats such lessons until one learns them``

Hillary Wright

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``Went to tonnes of anger management courses but by far, the combination of solutions given in Life by Design (Part Two of the book) has yielded the best results till to date``

Katrina Fonseka

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``Till I applied myself in to Life Script Decoded equation, I was literally just going through the motions in life``

Sonia Dutta


Why Should You Read The Book?

  • Because we’ve deciphered the world pattern.
  • Life is a pattern of 24 and this global pandemic timeline is the proof
  • The tolerance mean of 23-25 years in a 24-year cycle has been factored in

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