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Astrology Explained

Everyone is born with a specific purpose in life. We may be aware of the purpose, or we may not. The fact remains each birth has a purpose. At birth, a unique script is being granted to each of us. The script is designed individually, and it’s like our DNA, our unique blueprint. Our life script.


Our life script contains many elements in which our daily lives revolves around relationship, individual personality, career and employment, money and income, assets, pleasure, fortune and  illnesses, communication and courage, death and taxes, travel and migration, dreams and desires and hidden talent. Gaining visibility over these elements often gives us advantage of being able to prepare for the journey ahead. We need to be mindful that not every future event may be pleasant. If the pattern reveals a distasteful foreseeable future event, we will have the astrological insights to prepare ourselves to face it. To put it simply, with this astrological insights, we will know the difference between knowing the path and walking the path.


This focuses on relationship between you and the other person. The other person could be your partner, colleague or friend. There could be constant argument between you an your spouse, falling out of a friendship or even losing a loved one. If you are concerned about commitment, marriage, responsibilities and sacrifices, this is where you look into


The characteristics that define you have been set at the time of birth. It sheds light on who you are and what is it like to be in your body and mind. It also covers areas of personality, appearance and attitude so it is safe to say that your astrology signifies the inner engineering of you as a person.


This is probably what everyone wants! A soaring high career, fame, excellent reputation and an extraordinary legacy to leave behind. Celebrities and famous personalities around you probably have this blessing. You become a person with power in the society, gain recognition and show off.


This signifies your worth in terms of self esteem and financial capabilities. All your fine dining vs budget eats, designer bags vs store in the neighborhood bags, holiday in the Bahamas vs saving in the bank, wants vs needs dilemmas can be looked into!


The aspect of assets are clearly charted in your astrology script. If there is a planet in your chart that gives you the blessings of asset, you have strong connections with housing, real estate, ancestral roots and family.


Unknown to no one, pleasure describes the blessings of children,  creativity, fun, high, intimacy and romance. Dubbed the house of good fortune, this is where all good things such as art and children are birthed. It comes with its own set of risks though especially if you have a strong planet that rules the charts because all that high is gonna make you lose your bucks


Be it you falling sick, you procrastinating, war taking place, you fighting for something, you getting lucky, you getting a gift, all these can be understood through your astrology script. It is also guides you to come back stronger by managing the illness.


The planets in astrology are able to describe the communication between you and your siblings, family and friends. Apart from that, it also helps you understand and gauge matters relating to skills and crafting.


This revolves around another person’s money, not yours! Yes we are talking about  loan, debt and unearned income. This aspect seeks to identify how you behave with or without the presence of unearned money. It also touches on the grey area of life – death


Here is where we learn about religious/spiritual teachings and the blessings of long distance travels. That long overdue migration that is so close yet so far? You might wanna check on what your astrology script says. Plus it is not just about your beliefs, but how those beliefs shape the world around you.


The astrology script can give you an insight about life goals, ambitions, guiding factors and so on. It translates dreams into desires and provides a pathway of what is yet to be unfold


The script is key to uncovering the unconscious, the void and exile. It starts even before your birth. It may sometimes require sacrifice of your personal needs to accommodate come what may. The lesson to be learnt from the script is that you can’t control everything and sometimes what’s best is to let go, surrender and retreat.

Rajj Nadarajah

~ My inspiration came from Vedic astrology, especially Bhrigu Samhita and the Vedic Scriptures. The narratives and insights led me to discover the  default pattern of one’s life and the formation of Brahma Rishi Model. ~

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