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“What is within is not visible yet what is visible comes from within”

The Process of Blueprint Creation

The blueprint is simply this. We will get what we focus on if it is aligned to the belief system in the subconscious mind. Likewise, if we keep focusing on what we don’t want, we will keep getting what we don’t want.


Dave has desired handling cash from young. Very often he pesters his mum to allow him to make the payment to the grocer. His mom’s reply was always the same “No, son, wait until you grow older than you can do so.” Several months later, Dave’s mother handed him some cash and the grocery list and told him to purchase them. Dave was all excited. He tucked the cash in his pocket, and off he went to the grocer. When he was about to pay for the groceries, he realized his pocket was empty. He looked for the cash frantically but to no avail. Imagine the emotions Dave was going through at that time.


The cashier was staring at him. He was embarrassed as people in the queue were restless. Some were agitated as he was holding up the line. Anguish, fear, shame was all he felt. He ran out of the shop as fast as he could, crying all the way to seek refuge from his mom. He was afraid, embarrassed, worried, and helpless. When his mother heard his predicament, she scolded him for losing the money. She exclaimed bitterly that she knew all along that he will not be able to handle cash, and that he was irresponsible, careless and useless.

What words were registered in Dave’s subconscious mind? What statements got embedded deep within him. Let’s assess.

Blueprint ProcessWhat did the boy feel after the incident
Conscious Mind
The conscious mind witnessed emotions of embarrassment, shame, fear. It heard words like irresponsible, careless, you can't hold money, and I always knew you could not carry cash.
The intellect filters the emotions that he felt like rejection, hatred, anger and being labeled as useless. The intellect understands it as the people around him do not love him, that people just blame, they don’t listen and people are not worthy of his love.
Subconscious Mind
The subconscious mind records the entire incident. Begins to prevent the same incident from recurring by preventing him from holding money and keeping him safe in his comfort zone.
Feeling and Vibration
Bitter, hatred, and fear in handling money, by feeling this way, he only attracts the same situation in his life via the law of attraction.
Now, these beliefs become the boy’s new personality and blueprint.

Everything that unfolds is created by us either unconsciously by default or consciously by design. We have the freewill to choose the way we wish to live. We can only do so when we make a conscious effort to select either option. We cannot blame the consequences of our choices on external factors when the power to change the results of our actions lies within us.

Simple, isn’t it? Who would have thought that simply taking a second to stop and think would be the key to switching from an being an unconscious decision taker to a conscious decision taker?

Unconscious decision – To shout back when shouted at

Conscious decision – Choosing to not react and walk away

The duality of life shows us that every aspect of our life has a balanced connection with its opposite force. Yet this force is not just opposite to each other but indeed is complementary to each other too.


Illustratively, as a comparison, we will not be able to understand the concept of ‘up’ without having a ‘down’ to compare. We will not fully grasp one side of the dual nature of something without comparing and fully perceiving the opposing side. The same applies for light-dark, hot-cold, fast-slow, right-left, happy-sad, abundance-lack, visible-invisible, and the list goes on.


Likewise, there must be an inner or spiritual world, just as there is an outer world, material or physical.

Inner World VS Outer World


Inner World (Cause)

Conscious Mind, Intellect, Sub Conscious Mind, Memory, Feelings, Action with Feelings, Vibration & Blueprint


Outer World (Effect, Reflection)

Rich or Poor, Good or Bad, Positive or negative, Happiness or sorrow

When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at will change. Whatever we pay attention to or focus on will manifest. When we focus, the subatomic particles will manifest the subject of our focus, be it people, emotions, or experiences in life. Our thoughts are pure energy. What we think becomes reality. When a thought is created in the mind, we are giving power to it. The more we focus on the repetitive thoughts it will result in the thought manifesting as a reality. So, if we want to change our reality, we just change our thought. It is simple. Period.

That is Why When I Change, the World Changes

All you need is:

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