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The Pattern of 24

When we think of the number 24, the first thing that comes to our mind is 24 hours in a day. Not one of us would have thought that the number 24 would be so significant beyond being a mere number of hours in a day.


Our lives follow a 24 year pattern!


There is one script for each year of our lives for the first 24 years. Then after our 24 years of age, the same script that unfolded within the first 24 years will repeat. We are on a journey to eventually reach our purpose. The journey comprises of 24 repeating scripts as each script presents an experience or an event with a lesson. The repeating pattern of the same events every 24 years is called the Primary Script. On the other hand, the repeating pattern of the same events every 12 years is called the Secondary Script


Feelings and mood will repeat but the subject matter may vary.

The Brahma Rishi Model

A simplified method has been formulated to track one’s pattern through a data – input mechanism called the Brahma Rishi Model. Below is an illustration of the Brahma Rishi Model. It includes 5 cycles of 24 year patterns

Repeating Patterns

Every script brings with them an experience and a lesson to learn according to our karma. There will be no changes to the Primary and Secondary Script sequence for everyone, but the script’s content and the lesson differ. If we do not realize the lesson or the experience it brings, the script will repeat until learnt. Let’s have a look at repeating cycles of world events (The tolerance mean of 23-25 years in a 24-year cycle has been factored in)

Repeating Cycle of Global Sufferings
Repeating Cycle In The Lives Of The African American
Repeating Cycle Of World Disasters
Repeating Cycle In New York

When reading the 24 scripts unveils happy and joyous experiences and moments, we will be content with the discovery and look forward to a similar script to repeat. However, if it reveals a tragic incident or an undesirable moment, we will not want it to repeat. We will want to
change it. That….. leads to Life by Design